African patrol, Heroes on the beautiful continent!

Release date:2019-11-20

The report transfer from WeChat official accounts of “Zhejiang Merchants Association”

15th Nov, 2019 African Ranger Awards Ceremony was held in Accra, Ghana. Ma Yun(Jack Ma), the founder of Alibaba attended and presented awards to the guard.There are 50 patrolers from 17 African countries such as Malawi, Zimbabwe and Zambia, award $3000 for each patroler. They are all fighting on the front line of protecting African wildlife, 6 died.

In African, patrolers face life threats from poachers, lack of professional equipment, there are more than 1000 patrolers died during the past 10 years, 47% of patrolers just stay with their families within 5 days in a month.

2017, Ma Yun(Jack Ma)came to Africa for the first time and learned about the hardships of patrol work. Under his proposal, Alibaba public welfare foundation and Taohuayuan Ecological Protection Foundation establish “African Reserve Ranger Award Fund” together. They plan to support the development of wildlife conservation in Africa by rewarding patroler, and providing technical support.

Ma Yun(Jack Ma) highly evaluate the patroler group. He said they are real heroes. They protect wild animals with their lives, it is very important for all and the next generation. Protecting the earth is not just the job of the patroler only, but also the responsibility of everyone. “There is one earth only, if she is not good enough, it does n’t make sense even if you live well”.

Why Ma Yun(Jack Ma) focus on Africa, because he thinks "Africa full of hope". The African patroler, young man, and the entrepreneurs deeply impressed Ma Yun(Jack Ma). Courageous and responsible. “What they do is not for the past and present, but for the future, I see the hope of the Africa from them” Ma Yun(Jack Ma) said.

At the day a group of representatives of Zhejiang merchants went to Ghana to attend the ceremony.

Zhou Shujian, The Chairman of Hangzhou WSCG, said that I saw a very beautiful Africa, and also a hopeful Africa “Although thousands of miles apart, but on the same earth, we are a community of destiny. All Zhejiang merchants promote global economy with global vision meanwhile, we should also take the responsibility of protecting the global ecological environment”

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