The Expert group of "Hangzhou service" brand visit our company for investigation.

Release date:2019-11-20

TOP 30 Brands Of “Hangzhou Service” 2019

WSCG was selected one of the top 30 "Hangzhou service" brands 2019.On 15th Nov., the professional examination group of Hangzhou Development & Reform Commission visit our company for investigation. The research team is composed of members from municipal departments, Zhejiang University, news media, Municipal Service Industry Federation and other members.

Mr. Zhou Yu, the chairman, together with Mr. Shao Qing, general manager of the international business center, and the heads of all departments received the expert team, introduced the company's development process and projects performance over the years.

At the meeting, experts watched the introduction video of our company, Mr. Shao answered the questions professionally and strictly. And reported the company's current business coverage and future development plan.

The expert team highly agreed with the development of our company, and encouraged us keep on doing a good job in brand service and build up the brand of waterscape industry.

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