Hangzhou West Lake Fountain Installation Serials Co.,Ltd won the honor of " Out standing contribution enterprises in the 40th anniversary of reform and opening”

Release date:2019-12-10

Out standing contribution enterprises in the 40th anniversary of reform and opening

A meeting of the 11th Council of China Building Metal Structure Association was hold at 2nd Dec 2019 in Beijing. Mr. Zhou Shujian, chairman of our company attended the meeting.

The meeting according to the <> and the constitution of the association, combined with the actual situation of the deliberation and election of proposals at this meeting, To formulate the deliberation and election methods for the proposal of this meeting.

In the meeting, the "industry Merit Award"、” The Aggressive Award” 、” Outstanding contribution Enterprises”、” Advanced unit of targeted poverty alleviation and industrial activities ” were honored to personal and enterprise. Encourage member companies to build the industry of doors, windows and curtain walls for the future development.

Our company won the honor of " Out standing contribution enterprises in the 40th anniversary of reform and opening”. Mr. Zhou Yu, the founder of the Hangzhou West Lake fountain Installation Serials Co., Ltd , was honored as "meritorious person for the 40th anniversary of reform and opening. Mr. Zhou Shujian, chairman of Hangzhou Water Show Culture Group, was rated as the " Aggressive Award”.

The founder of Hangzhou West Lake fountain Installation Serials Co., Ltd, Mr. Zhou Yu, Chairman and senior engineer, is employed as an senior expert and Deputy director of national fountain and water scape professional committee by the Building metal structure association of the Construction Ministry for drainage equipment branch, and one of the drafters of national standards and industry specifications for Waterscape fountain.

As the chief planner and designer of the company, He has been specialized in fountain technology research for more than 35 years, and have created thousands of waterscape projects. Such as the water show for the first UN World Geographic Information Conference in Fengqi lake, Deqing, Zhejiang, China. in Hancheng Shanxi,China, in Shenmu Shanxi, China, The music fountain in The Aegean Sea Shopping Mall in Shanghai. Water show in Ankara, Turkey. The music fountain show in Tashkent Uzbekistian and many other laser or music water shows, Whether at home or abroa. For each projects he planned the overall situation, determined the direction and managed the overall process. Finally, every waterscape becomes a new landmark, new scenery and new business card in local area.


2016, Hangzhou Water Show Culture Group Co., Ltd was founded Under the China strategic opportunity of “the belt and road” policy, based on the enterprise's own advantage technology, establish the strategic deployment of "a complete water show solution provider” as the strategic deployment. Strengthening cooperate with domestic enterprises, and along "The Belt and Road" area and the countries. Customized a number of high technologies and localization water shows for customers. Increase the company's investment in culture, innovation, science and technology. Lead the team to win the fair bidding with the world's top teams on behalf of Chinese water show, win the honor for the country.

In recent years, various large-scale international projects have been planned and completed. Such as National Park super large music laser water show in Turkey, Phu Quoc island live performance water light show in Vietnam, Nha Trang island music laser show in Vietnam, music laser water show in Cairo Egypt, the 50 Anniversary Celebration Water show in Congo, Halong Sunning Plaza dry music fountain, Tashkent Music fountain show in Uzbekistan and etc. And has won the high quality project award and the owner's praise for many times.


Hangzhou West Lake fountain Installation Serials Co., Ltd, a leader of fountain industry, the deep integration of technology, culture and art, Let the fountain sublimate into a water show. We will give back to the society with higher enthusiasm under the well future development, and bring different landscapes to the world.

Once again cheers for Hangzhou West Lake fountain Installation Serials Co., Ltd, and again cheers for Hangzhou Water Show culture Group.

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