[Belt and Road] Egypt, another place where dreams rising

Release date:2019-02-13

On September 21th to 23th in 2018, the 5th China (Egypt) Trade Fair (ctfe-2018) hosted by the Hangzhou Municipal People's Government was held in Cairo International Exhibition Center. This is the first time that our company has officially participated in Egypt, but before that, our company has developed close cooperation with a certain Egyptian enterprise group.

On February 9th to 13th in 2018, at the 2018 Egyptian "Happy Spring Festival" series of temples hosted by the Chinese Ministry of Culture, the Embassy of Egypt and the Government of South Sinai, Egypt. The Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and the Cairo Chinese Cultural Center undertook this feast. With the musical fountain performances of Chinese classical music such as Jasmine, Love China, and My Chinese Heart that are produced by our company making the event more wonderful.

On the day of the opening ceremony, Mr. Isam Sharif, the former Prime Minister of Egypt/think tank expert of One Belt One Road/Sharif Foundation for Sustainable Development, and Mr. Han Bing, Economic and Commercial Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Egypt, visited our company’s booth and expressed great concern and highly hopes for the Cleopatra Mall lighting and water project opened by our company in the Cairo area of Egypt.

Shao Qing, Director of the International Department of our company, introduced the construction process of the water show project to the two guests and explained the vision of our company in the future cooperation between China and Egypt.

Shao Qing said: "Egypt is actually a very good and very promising market. These cooperation will definitely deepen further, and it will be a more and more extensive cooperation. So these years should be an opportunity to bear fruit. The music fountain is only a part. We will also tell stories with sound, light, electricity and some projection technology, tell the story of our Chinese culture, and tell the story of the local Egyptian style."

Egypt and China are both ancient civilizations of the world and an important country along the “Belt and Road”. They are located between the two continents of Asia and Africa and have strong radiation and driving ability to the African region and other countries in the Arab world. The trade fair is the actual action of the Hangzhou Municipal Government in response to the National “Belt and Road Initiative” and the implementation of the spirit of the Beijing Summit of the 2018 China-Africa Cooperation Forum. In recent years, China and Egypt have reached a series of consensus on economic cooperation and development. The holding of such an exhibition can further narrow the trade relationship with Egyptian customers to promote mutual benefit and win-win situation.

Special thanks to the departments of Zhejiang and Hangzhou, the Provincial Department of Commerce, the Provincial Council for the Promotion of International Trade, the Municipal Commission of Commerce and other relevant departments for their support and care for Hangzhou WSCG company! Our company will also contribute the power to the process of economic development in Egypt for offer the most beautiful water show, the most beautiful culture, the latest technology to the  countries and people on"Belt and Road"!

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