Heavyweights | Hangzhou Water Show hand in hand with Deqing, to create the World's Geographic Information Congress water show

Release date:2019-02-13

Congratulations to our company on winning the "United Nations World Geographic Information Congress permanent meeting site, the large-scale laser water curtain music show project"!
The World Geographic Information Congress is an initiative of the Global Geographic Information Management Expert Committee under the UN Economic and Social Council, the highest level of intergovernmental organization in the global geographic information community. It has been approved by the Chinese government to settle in Deqing, Zhejiang, and is the largest sponsored by the United Nations. The highest level and most abundant Geographic Information Congress, is also the major international multilateral activity in the field of mapping and geographic information so far held in China. It is known as the “Boao Forum” in the Geographic field.

Hangzhou West Lake Fountain Equipment Co., Ltd. undertook the design and creation of the fountain water show project in front of the site. Adhering to the tenet of “Building a world-class music show and promoting the process of the World Geographic Information Congress”, we aim to send a wonderful fountain show to the world, guided by professional vision and years of design and manufacturing experience. Effectively and quickly install the fountain water show equipment to help the upcoming conference.

Under the tacit understanding and cohesiveness of the long-term training of the installation team, the whole team has clear tasks, solidarity and cooperation, close coordination, attention to standardization, communication and coordination of problems, finding correct solutions, refining each link, and ensuring the entire project get on smoothly and successfully. The company's leaders supervised , and guided the installation of equipment personally, discussed new practical methods and theoretical knowledge with the installation team leader, for planned and efficient engineering installation.

Under the strict requirements of the work, the company's leaders are also caring for the employees. In the hot sun, they sent the watermelons to the staff, gave them with cool and care.

It is the basic guarantee for the successful completion of the project that the company concern and attention to the progress of the entire project, also to the conference. I believe this project can promote WSCG to complete a new leap in the industry, achieve a new breakthrough and promote the company's new development!

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