The Musical fountain show in Tashkent city, Uzbekistan

Release date:2019-10-29

The pomp and ceremony of water show.
A new epoch had begun in Tashkent city, the capital of Uzbekistan in Oct. Dazzling lights, sparkling water, which all describe a magnificent new scene of Uzbekistan.

  The project has a length of 200m and a width of 56m, average height of water spray 25m. It is the biggest water show in Tashkent. The president of Uzbekistan expressed his full affirmation and highly praised “the treasure of Uzbekistan’’ for this project. The opening show caused great repercussions and wonderful acclaim in Tashkent city. The local visitors like it very much, and said “This is the most wonderful fountain performance we've ever seen” Our company work hard in Culture and tourism project Since the implementation of “the Belt and Road”.

  The Tashkent city water show is the sixth project that we have done in " the belt and road" countries, we believe that will be more and more projects in the future.

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