[One Belt, One Road] Water Show Group and his team paid a visit to Uzbekistan!

Release date:2019-03-06

The “Belt and Road” is not just for China, even for the world. The core connotation of the "One Belt, One Road" initiative is to promote infrastructure construction and interconnection, strengthen economic policy coordination and develop strategy docking, promote coordinated linkage development, and achieve common prosperity. In order to actively respond to the national “One Belt, One Road” initiative, from December 9th to 13th, the delegation of China•Hangzhou Water Show Group visited Uzbekistan. Zhou Shujian, chief executive of Water Show Group, Wu Xinglian, general manager of the Fifth Business Unit of China National Building Materials Group, Zhang Leyi, director of Feng Xing International Think Tank , Zhang Zaixin, vice chairman of branch of Zhejiang Entrepreneurs Convention in Shanxi and others conducted a six-day study at Uganda, seeking to extensive coverage cooperation in new energy, urban construction, and big data, etc.

Uzbekistan, located at the crossroads of Central Asia's transportation hub, is the famous "Silk Road" ancient country. It has a long history of connecting with China through the "Silk Road" and it is the only way to extend westward along the "Belt and Road". In 1991, it was independent from the former Soviet Union and is one of the two double landlocked countries in the world. It is now the world's sixth largest cotton producer and the second largest cotton exporter, the world's seventh largest gold producer, while Uzbekistan is also an important natural gas ,coal, copper, petroleum, silver and uranium producers in the region. .The country is also a unique example of a smooth transition from a planned economy to a market economy.

The delegation was warmly welcomed by the Uzbek government's economic trade leaders and focused on the Akefa Group. It is understood that Akefa Group is one of the most well-known consortium in Uzbekistan. Its industry covers engineering construction, building materials, white goods, lighting, tourism, medical care, etc. It has 12 companies and plays a pivotal role in Uzbekistan's economy.

Hangzhou Water Show Culture Group Co., Ltd. is a enterprise which committed to creating a multidimensional artistic innovation and advanced technology elements for visual feast on multimedia innovative technology and artistic expression that integrates control fountain, water mist, laser, sound, image, naked eye 3D, pyrotechnics, etc. At present, the company has successfully completed many domestic and overseas large-scale landscape performances, city square fountain water landscape and cultural show project. Customers come from China, Southeast Asia, Africa, Middle East, North America and multilingual countries from Europe such as France, Afghanistan, and Russia. The company has now become an important partner of the national “One Belt, One Road” international cooperation strategy, and is committed to becoming a global, comprehensive and professional enterprise as combine and integrate all-media for real-life show, performing arts show in one solution. And it is also taking into account the planning, design and production of garden landscapes and environmental art in city side water parks, commercial plazas and various ecological complexes, the development and landing of Cultural and Creative Industries tourism IP and characteristic town projects. It is worth mentioning that at the World Geographic Information Conference held in Deqing, China, the Fengqi Lake Light and Shadow Dance Show, created by Water Show Culture Group, was unveiled and praised by the guests both at home and abroad.

Zhou Shujian, chief executive of Water Show Group, shared the cooperation experience between Water Show Group and foreign parties, and made detailed product and project introductions from the Ukrainian government and enterprises participating in the conference on achievements, advantages and visions. He also suggested that Uzbekistan can focus on developing tourism culture industry and integrate green development. Both Chinese and Ukrainian enterprises should continue to strengthen their exchanges, make full use of their respective product advantages, for meet the high quality demands of the two markets, and continue to promote various fields on capacity cooperation in both countries. Establishing landmark projects, complementing both upstream and downstream industrial chains, and jointly promoting industrial development. 

Feng xing Think Tank is currently a think tank-based central platform integrating international media, international talent introduction, Chinese traditional culture industry, high-end film and television service industry, internet big data, new energy, international education, international trade and international finance. It was Committed to building a “One Belt, One Road (Hangzhou) Innovation and Entrepreneurship International Exchange Base”, closely tracking the latest international technological innovations and industrial development trends, high-standard, large-scale, cross-disciplinary economic and technological exchanges and cooperation with international enterprises, integrating the world's innovative resources for enhancing technological innovation capabilities and industrial development levels, and promoting urban industrial upgrading and transformation. It currently has extensive experience in foreign trade and investment.

Mr. Mahde, general manager of Akefa Group, warmly received the delegation. After listening to the relevant introduction from the principal of the Chinese company, Mr. Mahde showed a strong interest. The two companies then conducted in-depth exchanges on energy resources, agriculture, infrastructure, tourism, hotels, real estate projects, and building materials. The behavior of the investigation among Akefa Group, Hangzhou Water Show Culture Group Co., Ltd. and Fengxing Think Tank that have built a beautiful vision. Finally, both parties expressed their hope for deep communication and their willingness to further establish cooperative relationships.

With the gradual advancement of the “Belt and Road” and the increasing development of the tourism market, Uzbekistan’s endless market is attracting more and more entrepreneurs which come form Zhejiang, China to achieve their dream. Uzbekistan also promulgated the foreign policy priority direction decree in 2018. According to the decree, deepening cooperation with Central Asian countries will become the top priority of Uzbekistan’s foreign policy. And Uzbekistan will strengthen cooperation with China in implementing areas such as the “Belt and Road Initiative”, infrastructure modernization, agricultural modernization, and attracting Chinese investment and technology to build industrial parks,etc.

After 6 days of on-the-spot investigation and study of Uzbekistan enterprises, the delegation had a full understanding of Uzbekistan. The Chinese and Ukrainian companies also reached a consensus: seize opportunities, tap potential, steadily develop bilateral trade, deepen production capacity, investment, and interconnection,connectivity and other cooperation. (Guo Qi)

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