Zhou Shujian, chief executive of Hangzhou Water Show Culture, General Manager of Hangzhou West Lake Fountain Complete Equipment Co., Ltd. was invited to attend

Release date:2019-02-13

On November 29th in2017, the 4th World Zhejiang Entrepreneurs Convention was held at the Hangzhou International Expo Center. The theme of the conference was “Gathering to embrace the new era of development and innovation”, and the scale was the highest in history. At the same time, it was also the most open Zhejiang entrepreneurs event, with more than 2,800 guests attending the main event. The conference vigorously propagated and promoted the spirit of Zhejiang entrepreneurs in the new era and released the 2017 Zhejiang Business Declaration. Zhou Shujian, the chief executive of Hangzhou Water Show Culture Group Co., Ltd., was invited to participate in the conference. As one of the more than 40 representatives of the new generation of Zhejiang businessmen, he read the declaration of Zhejiang Entrepreneurs Convention on the spot.

WSCG has always adhered to the study and implementation of the spirit of Zhejiang entrepreneurs in the new era, and actively responded to the great strategic policy of General Secretary Xi's "One Belt, One Road" and comprehensively entered the countries along the Belt and Road. Now it has successfully succeeded projects development in dozens of countries such as Qatar, UAE, Egypt, Pakistan, Morocco, Turkey ,Iran, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, the Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia, Congo, and South Africa. In addition, WSCG continues to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with many high-level talents, business leaders and international industry leaders at home and abroad. As an outstanding representative of the new generation of Zhejiang businessmen, Zhou Shujian actively participated in the concrete practice of "two high-level" construction, bravely innovating the tide, and strive to be the explorer of the new development concept, the leader of transformation and upgrading, and the practitioners world of justice. He also shoulder the responsibility of enriching the people and strengthening the province and national rejuvenation, sharing the fruits of development and the great glory of the country's prosperous and strong.

For the future, WSCG will continue to innovate and break through, continue to lead the industry's transformation and development, and strive to make significant contributions to the smelting of the spirit of Zhejiang merchants, the promotion of Zhejiang merchant culture, and the promotion of social welfare.

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