2020 Hangzhou Water Show Cultural Group Co., Ltd Year-end Party

Release date:2020-01-14

30 years of joint effort, No best but better, and we will go to the next level together 5th Jan 2019, Hangzhou Water Show Culture Group Co., Ltd hold a year-end party.

01 Registration

3:00 pm Assembly Time, registration and take group photo

02 Year-end conference

4:00 pm Welcome remarks by the president

Zhou Yu, Chairman of Hangzhou West Lake Fountain Installation Serials Co., Ltd., Zhou Shujian, Chairman of Hangzhou Water Show Cultural Group Co., ltd, Fang Shenli, Vice President of Hangzhou Water Show Cultural Group Co. Ltd, Shi Ying, General Manager of Hangzhou West Lake Fountain Installation Serials Co., Ltd., and the International Business Dept Director of Hangzhou Water Show Cultural Group Co., Ltd Shao Qing, summarized his work experience in 2019 and made new plans and prospects for 2020.

Professor Lu Shaobo, an expert from the Waterscape Industry Association of the China Construction Metal Structure Association, and Li Mingde, the chairman of Haiyuan Pumps, have a speech, congratulating the company on its 30th anniversary and sending sincere blessings to the company's future.

During the meeting, Xiang Chenyu and Qiao Guangwei were promoted and hired, and outstanding employees and excellent partners were presented with awards.

03 Chairman greeting

Before the party beginning the chairman Zhou Shujian was invited to propose a toast

04 Performance

At the start of the dinner, our partner Mingdu Laser presented us a wonderful laser show, which kicked off the dinner.

A song "My Motherland and me" sings the love of the motherland in my heart. All members of the company Party Branch expressed their love for the motherland.

The design center sing a song "Love is Unforgettable" and live guitar performance, showing us the charm of the combination of the two.

The raffle draw for the 6th prize, 20 lucky people draw the prizes tonight.

As we walked step by step, the footprints left were the most beautiful scenery.

The original poem "Our Water Show" takes us back to the journey.

"Our Workers Have Power" sang the heroism and firm conviction of the Water Show Culture Group staff, and there is a small surprises hidden, a small fun game brought us closer.

a small fun game brought us closer.

The raffle draw for the 5th prize, was taken away by another 20 lucky people.

There are international business, naturally there are also international dances, and the beautiful dance postures lead us into an elegant banquet scene.

Our Chairman Zhou Yu sing a song "The Great Wall Never Throws Down" His singing show us the heroic and ambitions. In the future, we will take this glorious task and continue to contribute to the waterscape industry.

The winner of the 4th prize brought the climax of the draw. Who will be the next lucky one?

Local lord blind date, guess who was the last date?

The chorus of opera brought traditional Chinese culture to the water show stage.

Another little game, guess what game? Which group won?

It's already the 3rd prize. Let's see who's lucky?

A song "Unrestrained" takes us back to the summer of 2019. In the future, I wish everyone present here can be chic and go through life.

This year is the 30th anniversary. In the future, we will have 60th, 90th, and 120th anniversary. On this road in the future, the Water Show Culture Group Co., Ltd will go further and further, and the road will become wider and wider.

The song "Run" tells us not only to run, but also to run fast enough to have the opportunity to catch the wings of dreams, then fly more higher.

Fortunate winners, did you pray hard before the draw?

There are songs and dances that makes the party even better. "Zuo Shou Zhi Yue", the fairy is fluttering, is it beautiful?

The 1st prize winner has finally appeared!

From singing and dancing to opera, from guitar, African drums to flutes, from sketches to choruses, from raffle draw to fun games, we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the company in various ways, expressing our vision of the future with joy.

Hangzhou Water Show Culture Group Co., Ltd is a big family, we are all family members. In this big family, we love each other and move forward together. We collaborate with each other to complete water wonders everywhere.

The song "Love each other" is a reflection of our big family!

Here we are in 2020!

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